If you are a consultant looking for a different kind of company, you have come to the right place. Our philosophy is different from practically every firm out there. BLT Soft Incorporated does not have a preference for you to be an employee. We are just as happy to work with you as a subcontractor as we are with our own employees. There are several differences you will see if you are a subcontractor. First, we don’t take a huge cut from what you have earned. You performed the work and we do not believe we deserve to take huge fees because we placed you on a project. Second, we pay our subcontractors within five business days of when we get paid. BLT Soft Incorporated does not use you as short term cash flow. Third, you will find a genuine honesty with the owners that is rare in the cut-throat world of consulting. We will tell you exactly what the client is paying for your time and how much we are keeping. Try and find that in the big consulting firms!

If you are an employee, you will find that you are treated as a friend first and an employee second. You will be paid a higher percentage of the client rate than any competitor. You will not be asked to take odd-ball flights to save money or stay in substandard hotels. You will stay the same places as the owners and fly the same types of flights as they do. You will be provided with a state of the art notebook computer with all of the software you need to do your job. You will start accruing leave after six months served. The greatest complement BLT Soft has had is that former employees stay in contact and want to come back to work with us. Finally, if you are an employee and desire to start a business of your own, we will help you start your own business. We will help you transition to becoming a sub-contractor instead of an employee. How many places that you have worked would do that?
If you are our client, we are your partner. We want you to succeed and will work as hard as you to see that you do. We have no partnership with the software vendors so we can give you truly independent advice. BLT Soft Incorporated does not have the classic pyramid shape to our consulting team like most of the big consulting houses. We do not have “partners” who oversee the project at exorbitant rates and really contribute little or nothing to the project. The owners of the company and on-site project managers contribute like every other consultant we place on your project. Unlike many big consulting firms that promise the experience then staff your project with kids right out of college, our consultants are experienced having succeeded at multiple engagements with multiple clients.

Our greatest sales staff is our former clients. We have had perspective clients call former clients and get rave reviews. In many cases they called someone they knew at the former client, not our designated reference. Many of our clients have invited us back multiple times because of the positive experiences they had with us in the past.
BLT Soft Incorporated
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Employees and Subcontractors